About Us

Orange Coast Baseball Group (OCBG) is comprised of experienced and caring coaches, teachers, and players from all levels of business and our community. From high school coaches to college professors to college coaches and players, our goals are simple; create a baseball training program that is educational and fun for our young athletes.

Orange Coast Baseball Group was created to provide baseball training and education to student athletes as they prepare for high school and college. What sets us apart is our focus for the athletes to improve upon the fundamentals of the game and to improve their overall skillset for the next level of competition. Then, we couple this with an unwavering desire to see our athletes grow their character and develop leadership skills for life.

Our Motto- Learn. Grow. Lead.  Athletic Training Beyond The Game

Our Mission Statement- To inspire student athletes to grow beyond the playing field. To provide instruction, guidance and mentorship to build athletic prowess, character, leadership and serve the communities where we play.

Steve Gostin

Founder & Managing Partner

Steve has been a leader in the hospitality industry for over 30 years and spent 12 years teaching at the college level. Steve founded OCBG as it allows him to work with student athletes and help them reach new heights as they move into high school and college. Steve also cofounded California Culinary Coalition, a non-profit recovered food kitchen that helps provide meals to those in need in Orange County. 

Steve has been coaching youth baseball for 4 years and wanted to find a way to combine his passions. OCBG allows him to promote baseball and education while building an elite training program for student athletes in The OC. 

Aron Swartz

Player Development Coach

Aron Swartz is the head coach and designed the summer program as well as managing logistics and coaches. A local high school student who graduated in 2019 and graduate of Irvine Valley College in 2022,  Aron trained to pursue his dreams of playing baseball at a higher level. With college seasons being limited in 2020 and 2021, Aron’s playing career was sadly cut short.  

In 2021, Aron began coaching at Chapman Baseball Compound working with young hitters and has helped numerous young athletes improve their swings and skills at the plate. 

At 22 years old, coach Swartz helped organize a program to help kids follow the same dream he had.

Paul Murrow

Pitching and Hitting Coach

Paul is 21 years old and an accomplished player and youth coach. Paul graduated from Beckman HS and held the record for homeruns for his team. He was the offensive player of the year and led the league in homeruns and RBI’s.

He later returned to Beckman HS to coach the freshman baseball team and has focused on coaching youth baseball when he is not working on his own game. 

Paul spent the last year playing professionally in Japan and continues to work toward a career here in the states for a big league team. As a pitcher, Paul focuses on training his arm, his body and his mind. He is currently throwing at 93mph and continues to increase his velocity.