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How Far Can You Go?

We combine the very best of on-field training with the needs of off-field education within the community. Enhanced Athlete 360 (or EA360) was created by college professors, coaches, and community leaders to provide young athletes the opportunity to grow beyond the game. We provide guidance, motivation and inspiration to student athletes so as they grow and move into college and beyond, they have the skills and knowledge to be active and successful adults.

EA360 has been created to provide young adults with the knowledge and skills they need for their next chapter in life. EA360 focuses on:

  • Community
  • Leadership
  • Service to others
  • Personal Finance
  • Physical, Emotional and Nutritional Health
  • Mentorship
  • Self-Motivation and Endurance

We know what you can do on the field, but do you know what you can do off the field? Neither did we at your age, so we designed EA360 to prepare you for life.